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  • Pedro Augusto da Silva Ribeiro UniEVANGÉLICA - Universidade Evangélica de Goiás
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  • Yuri Moura Marques Universidade Evangélica de Goiás - UniEVANGÉLICA


exchange, reader, mobileapp, websystem


According to statistical data from the Instituto Pró-Livro (IPL) Itaú Cultural and IBOPE
Inteligência, shown in their 5th edition of the Portraits of reading in Brazil (2019) survey,
there are approximately 100 million readers, which makes up 52% of the population, 4%
less than in their previous analysis (2015). In this scenario, it was observed that the
technological advance has not tended so much to the use of the greatest fruit of modernity,
the internet, which in this period of pandemic coronavirus, has become vital for Brazilians,
who had to adapt their daily lives to a new lifestyle. Thus, this article aims to develop an
application for exchanging and selling books in order to be the solution for a group of people
who are and want to be readers, named as Trokatroka , using methodologies and
techniques related to web and mobile development such as C#,Go lang, React, React
native, JavaScrip, Java,all of them for computer and cell phone on windows and android
operating systems respectively, Swift, for IOS devices and last but not least MongoDB and
SQLserver for our database management.And about the methodologies, and about the
methodologies, we use the whole basis of a solid development of the size we are proposing,
using for this purpose techniques related to Engineering Lifecycle Management, Project
Planning, Design and User Experience Planning , Architectural Planning, Continuous
Integration Planning, Verification and Validation. That way, we aim to make possible,
facilitate and encourage a practice that has been long left aside, and also to modify a market model, which increasingly sees the need to adapt to the new demands of
the market and its users.


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